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About Alba


Sister is a purified soul track from start to finish and there’s so much emotion and power seeping out. For fans of Etta James, Joss Stone and of course Amy Winehouse.

BBC Radio London

There is a Nashville feel to her music. Sister has some country vibes as well as cityscape in there. I'm really into that tune, it's such a beautiful song.

Wonderland Magazine

Passionate about activism and environmental change, the singer pours her all out in the single and creates a fresh motivational tune that boasts her vocal capabilities.

Never Enough Music

A smoky, soulful voice, provocative lyrics and extraordinary guitar playing make her one of the most talented musicians in this generation.

Amazing Radio

Really soulful track, you're going to like this.

Middle Eight blog

Raspy and raw, yet measured and melodic, Alba delivers emotionally charged lyrics immersing the listener to create a tranquil blues-folk vibe.

Who is Alba

The British-Spanish singer and guitarist has developed a timeless yet fresh pop-rock sound with undertones of neo-soul, funk and R&B.

Having started her musical journey in Spain as the front woman for Sons of Rock in her teen years, ALBA has taken stages by storm, captivating audiences with her unique songwriting style and by playing guitar behind her head in reminiscence of Hendrix.

ALBA embarked on her solo project after moving to London in 2016 and making it her base of operations. She has performed on stages across the UK including The Cavern Club, Ronnie Scott’s, Lancaster Music Festival, or The Alternative Escape, and opened for acclaimed acts such as The Waterboys.

ALBA is a passionate environmental campaigner and likes to use her music to make a difference and speak up about social and climate issues. She joined forces with several non-profit organisations to raise funds and awareness around climate change and how music can be greener.

Her music has been added to rotation in radios and playlists around the globe, and has received coverage from well-known publications, blogs and tastemakers such as Guitar magazine, Amazing Radio, Wonderland Magazine and BBC Radio.

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